• Friday, June 2, 2017
    Melkweg Amsterdam



    ★★ DATE ★★
    Friday 2nd of June

    This 15th anniversary edition Major League once again will go beyond with two rooms full of diverse drum and bass.

    ★★ VENUE ★★
    Melkweg Max + Melkweg OZ

    ★★ PRESALE ★★

    Early bird: € 12,50
    Presale: €20,­ (inclusief lidmaatschap) / €18 voor leden
    Door: € 22,­ (inclusief lidmaatschap) / €20 voor leden



  • Friday, August 12, 2016
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    LET IT ROLL Afterparty!

    Black Sun Empire (Blackout Music)
    Dieselboy (Subhuman, USA)
    Rido & Counterstrike (Let It Roll, CZ)
    June Miller (RAM Records)
    Signal (Critical Music)
    Segment & Concept Vision (Eatbrain, RU)
    Pamb & Harsh (Major League)
    MC Swift
  • Friday, June 3, 2016
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    Major League is back with a vengeance! On June 3rd Major League DNB hosts the official Outlook Launch Party in the Melkweg Amsterdam with:

    Dub Phizix & Strategy (BBC Radio1, UK)
    Dimension (MTA Records, UK)
    Culture Shock (RAM Records, UK)
    Maztek (Virus, IT)
    Pythius (Blackout Music, NL)
    Zombie Cats (Eatbrain, GER)
    One87 & MC Mush (Starwarz, BE)
    Swift MC
  • Friday, April 8, 2016
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    Mefjus (Critical, Neosignal, AT)
    State of Mind (Blackout, Eatbrain, NZ)
    Jade & Mindscape (Eatbrain, HU)
    Agressor Bunx (Eatbrain, UA)
    Hypoxia (Eatbrain, BE)
    Dualistic (Liquicity, NL)
    Swift MC / Dapper
  • Friday, February 5, 2016
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    Major League kicks off 2016 proper!

    Gridlok b2b Prolix (Project Trendkill, USA, UK)
    Teddy Killerz (RAM, RU)
    Current Value (PRSPCT Recordings, Blackout Music, GER)
    Mob Tactics (Viper Recordings, UK)
    June Miller (RAM Records, NL)
    Pythius (Blackout Music, NL)
    Signal (Invisible Recordings, NL)
    Swift MC (Major League, NL)
  • Friday, December 4, 2015
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    Major League DNB is back on dec 4th and we can't wait for this one!!

    Wilkinson (RAM Records, UK)
    InsideInfo (Viper Recordings, UK)
    Lenzman (Metalheadz, NL)
    June Miller (RAM Records, NL)
    Pamb&Harsh (Major League, NL)
    MC Ad-Apt & MC Swift
  • Friday, November 6, 2015
    ▼▼▼▼ 50HURTZ X MAJOR LEAGUE ▼▼▼▼

    The Hurt Continues.

    ━━━━┫☠ TIME TABLE ☠ ┣━━━━
    23:00 - 00.30 RACHEL GREEN
    00.30 - 02.00 PROXIMA
    02.00 - 03.15 SKISM
    03.15 - 05.00 DA FORCE

    OZ: Major League presents 5 years of Forbidden Society
    00:00 - 01:00 PAMB&HARSH
    01:00 - 02:15 MAZTEK
    02:15 - 03:30 EMPEROR
    03:30 - 05:00 FORBIDDEN SOCIETY

    ━━━━┫☠ GET YOUR TICKET ☠ ┣━━━━
  • Friday, October 2, 2015
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    The Upbeats (Vision Recordings, NZ)
    THE PROTOTYPES (Viper Recordings, UK)
    Dimension (MTA Records, UK)
    Tantrum Desire (Technique Recordings, UK)
    Signal (Critical Music, NL)
    Hosted by MVE

    Presale starts Monday 10th of August
  • Friday, August 7, 2015
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    Major League and June Miller have put together a first class line up for their Robots & Romans album on Ram Records that is due for release this summer. What more can we say?!

    June Miller (RAM Records. NL)
    State of Mind (Blackout Music, NZ)
    Teddy Killerz (RAM Records, RU)
    Fourward (Shogun Audio, AT)
    Joe Ford (Shogun Audio, UK)
    Mindmapper (Samurai Music, NL)
    Hosted by MC Swift

    Presale starts Monday June 8th.
  • Friday, June 5, 2015
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    The Upbeats
    Teddy Killerz
    Mind Vortex
    June Miller
    MC Dart
  • Friday, April 3, 2015
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    Matrix & Futurebound
    Brookes Brothers
    Maduk b2b Nymfo
    June Miller
    Rhymestar and MC Dapper
  • Friday, February 6, 2015
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    Mefjus b2b InsideInfo
    Black Sun Empire
    Rene LaVice
    Joe Ford
    June Miller
    MC Swift
  • Friday, November 28, 2014
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    Tantrum Desire
    MC's Linguistics / MC Swift / MVE
  • Saturday, November 15, 2014
    ANDY C (RAM Records, UK)
    DC Breaks (RAM Records, UK)
    FRANKEE (RAM Records, UK)
    Culture Shock (RAM Records, UK)
    June Miller (RAM Records, NL)
    Pamb&Harsh (Major League, NL)
    MC Swift & MC Dapper

    Start presale: 11th of August
  • Friday, November 7, 2014
    When. Does. The. Hurting. Stop?!

    50HURTZ x Major League DNB

    23.00 - 01.00 The Illuminated
    01.00 - 02.30 Distance
    02.30 - 03.30 P0gman
    03.30 - 04.30 Sadhu
    04.30 - 06.00 Karimooo

    00.00 - 01.15 Pamb & Harsh
    01.15 - 02.30 Disphonia
    02.30 - 05.00 Mindscape b2b Jade

    Aftermovie 50HURTZ 5 SEPTEMBER:

    50HURTZ is an Headfirst production.
  • Friday, October 3, 2014
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    Ed Rush Official (Virus Recordings, UK)
    DJ Optical (Virus Recordings, UK)
    Optiv (Virus Recordings, CH)
    BTK (Virus Recordings, BR)
    InsideInfo (Virus Recordings, UK)
    Pamb&Harsh (Major League DNB, NL)
    Hosted by Dart & MVE
  • Friday, August 8, 2014
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    After the sold out event in June, Major League is back in the Melkweg on August 8th. Get ready for a wicked night with the best drum 'n bass by Drumsound & Bassline Smith, The Prototypes and many more.

    Line-up Major League 8th of August 2014:
    Drumsound & Bassline Smith (Technique Recordings, UK)
    The Prototypes (Viper Recordings, UK)
    June Miller (RAM Records, NL)
    Maztek (Renegade Hardware, ITA)
    Pamb & Harsh (Major League, NL)
    T & Sugah (Liquicity, NL)
    Hosted by MC MVE & MC Swift

    Every year Major League organizes a big event in the middle of summer. Not only the Dutch drum 'n bass fans go to Amsterdam for this night. From all over the world fans find their way to the Melkweg for a party with strictly drum 'n bass. One of the reasons why Major League has been nominated this year for Best International Promoter by the English Drum & Bass Awards.

    The last few years drum 'n bass has welcomed many new artists and labels. A whole new sound has emerged under the influences of house and dubstep among other styles. And along with it, many new fans and artists, according to Major League promoters Pamb & Harsh. One thing is certain, Major League continues to organize top notch parties.

    On August 8th, the line-up is finger lickin' good. Pioneers Drumsound & Bassline Smith released one hit after another last year. Expect heavy dancefloor action. The Prototypes make their debut on Major League. This duo has produced huge drum 'n bass tunes, but they also work for major artists in the house and hip hop scene. The influence of these styles on their music has made them one of the most acclaimed artists of last year. They share the stage with another duo that is back by popular demand: June Miller. Last by not least, for the first time on Major League, the Italian talent Maztek. Support by T & Sugah and Major League residents Pamb & Harsh and MC's MVE and Swift. Do not miss out!

    Presale: E 19,- (including membership) / E 17 for members
    Door: E 20,- (including membership) / E 18 for members

    E-tickets: | |
  • Friday, June 6, 2014
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    ANDY C (Ram Records, UK)
    Loadstar (Ram Records, UK)
    Rene LaVice (Ram Records, UK)
    June Miller (Ram Records, NL)
    Pamb&Harsh (Major League, NL)
    Hosted by MC's Dart & Dapper

    Ram Records is one of the leading drum 'n bass labels in the world, led by Andy C. The first release on Ram Records by Andy C is from 1992 (!), when jungle, hardcore rave and drum 'n bass were combined to a powerful new style. In 2014, more than twenty years later, the influences of this period have made a huge comeback. Andy C is not only one of the most talented musicians around, he's also known for launching new artists. Ram has worked with Noisia, Chase & Status, Loadstar and dozens of other producers.

    Not only the label, but also the Ram nights that started in the London based club The End are legendary. Since then, Ram has been touring around the world with a showcase of their most impressive artists. On June 6th Major League and Ram join forces for the second time in the Melkweg. The reason for Ram to come back to Amsterdam? The sound, the atmosphere and the absolutely wicked crowd in the Melkweg.

    Headlining this exclusive Ram edition is Andy C himself. With his incredible three deck skills and his massive tune selection he has been the leading drum 'n bass dj for many years. He has won more drum 'n bass dj awards than anyone else. The Major League fans know him like no other. Andy C was even on the first Major League in 2002. On June 6th he performs on Major League with a selection of his favorite artists including Loadstar and Rene LaVice. Together they perform for the first time in the Melkweg with their thick mix of drumstep and drum 'n bass. June Miller is one of the biggest talents of Ram at this time. Support by Major League residents Pamb & Harsh and mc's Dart and Dapper. We can't wait!

    Presale 19,- (including membership) /17,- (for members)
    Door: 20,- (including membership) /18,- (for members)

    E-tickets: or (0900 300 1250)
    Tickets Amsterdam: Uitburo, Independent Outlet, Concerto, FAME Plaza. | |
  • Friday, April 4, 2014
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    Camo & Krooked (Hospital Records, AU)
    State of Mind (Blackout Records, NZ)
    June Miller (RAM Records)
    Pamb&Harsh (Major League)
    T and Sugah (Liquicity)
    Hosted by Youthstar & MC Swift

    The Austrian duo Camo & Krooked has become one of the biggest drum ' n bass artists in Europe. They started working together in 2007 and were soon supported by the prominent label Hospital Records that gave them the opportunity to work together with the greatest names in the industry. They have won just about every prize there is to win with their unique drum 'n bass sound with strong influences of dubstep, hip hop and house. In 2012 they were last seen on a sold-out Major League in the Melkweg.

    With their new album and exclusive Zeitgeist tour Camo & Krooked push their limits again. It is an album that is perfect for a lazy Sunday. At the same time each and every dance floor goes absolutely crazy during their Zeitgeist tour through America and Europe. Precisely because of this explosive mix they are strongly supported by a huge and loyal fan base. Camo & Krooked in the Melkweg is a unique opportunity to see them. Camo & Krooked is hosted by MC Youthstar.

    And there's more! The New Zealand act State of Mind is on tour for the new album Eat the Rich. The perfect addition to Camo & Krooked. In recent years the duo June Miller has become one of the most innovative acts with their huge productions and DJ sets. The newcomers T & Sugah make their debut on Major League, hold tight! Pamb & Harsh make this edition complete with resident MC Swift.

    Presale €19,- (incl membership) / €17,- (for members)
    Door: € 20,- (incl membership) / €18,- (for members)

  • Friday, February 7, 2014
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    The Upbeats
    Black Sun Empire
    Steve Survival & Silent Witness
    MC Swift

    Major League has had an amazing 2013. Every single one of the parties had a wicked vibe and represented the best drum&bass has to offer. And this is exactly what Major League has planned for 2014!

    On February 7th, Major League has invited artists from all over the world. From New Zealand to England, from the United States to the Netherlands. Having started in London in the 90s, drum&bass has now developed into a global phenomenon. Also in the Netherlands the drum&bass fan base is growing rapidly.

    Are you up for some serious partying yourself? Some of the best artists around are invited on this edition. Don't miss out!

    Tickets are available via or
  • Friday, December 6, 2013
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    Major League and UKF Drum & Bass join forces on December 6th in the Melkweg in Amsterdam. Be prepared for one of the baddest parties of the year.

    Ed Rush Official (Virus Recordings, UK)
    Culture Shock (Ram Records, UK)
    Tantrum Desire (Technique Recordings, UK)
    June Miller (Ram Records, NL)
    Nymfo (Commercial Suicide, NL)
    Pamb&Harsh (Major League, NL)
    MC Swift & Dapper (Major League, NL)

    In 2013 Major League worked together with some of the best drum 'n bass labels and artists in the world. Early in the year the Andy C Alive tour left the fans in Amsterdam mesmerized. In the summer Major League celebrated 15 years of Virus with the whole crew in a packed venue. In October Friction's Shogun Audio sold out the Melkweg together with superact Pendulum, just to name a few. To end this year with a blast, Major League has invited UKF to set foot in Amsterdam in December.

    With over 1.2 million subscribers and nearly 400 million views, UKF Drum 'n Bass is the most influential drum 'n bass channel on Youtube. The channel was started only 4 years ago in the dance capital of the world, London. Since then it has become one of the most important sources for new drum 'n bass and other electronic music. With a rapidly growing fan base, UKF has expanded its activities to mixes, live shows and events around the world. Major League and UKF are now joining forces for the first time in Amsterdam.

    What to expect? One of the baddest parties of the year. From the UK, Virus label boss and original techstepper Ed Rush is known for his unique sound and wicked mixing skills. He will share the stage with Technique Recordings wonderkid Tantrum Desire alongside Culture Shock, who has made a big impact with his music on Ram Records. Major League supports the local scene with dj sets by June Miller, Nymfo and residents Pamb & Harsh.

    Presale: €19,- (including membership) / €17 for members
    Door: € 20,- (including membership) / €18 for members

    E-tickets: or (0900 300 1250)
    Tickets: Amsterdam Uitburo, Concerto Amsterdam (020-6235228), Pico Records Amsterdam (020-691 23 85)
  • Thursday, October 17, 2013
    RAM returns to Amsterdam for the second time this year after a massive show in February at the infamous Melkweg venue. Thursday 17th October see's the return of RAMsterdam as part of one of the world leading electronic music conferences - Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). This time around they return with the very finest of their roster at a time when album projects are heating up for some of their most promising artists. Expect to hear all spectrums of DnB from the very best in the scene - Andy C, Wilkinson, Calyx & Teebee, Loadstar, Delta Heavy & June Miler .

    ROOM 1: Andy C / Calyx & Teebee / Wilkinson / Loadstar / Delta Heavy / June Miller / MC Dart / MC Dapper
    ROOM 2: Lenzman feat. MC Dan Stezo / Maduk / Pamb & Harsh / Sektor & Subsequent / MC Swift

    Tickets: € 19,00 (incl daglidmaatschap)
    More info:
  • Friday, October 4, 2013
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    Major League and Shogun Audio join forces!

    Pendulum DJ set & MC Verse (Warner Music, AUS)
    Friction (Shogun Audio, UK)
    Rockwell (Shogun Audio, UK)
    Pamb & Harsh (Major League, NL)
    Proxima (Shogun Audio, NL)
    MC’s Linquistics & Swift

    Presale: €19,­ (inclusief lidmaatschap) / €17 voor leden
    Door: € 20,­ (inclusief lidmaatschap) / €18 voor leden
  • Friday, September 6, 2013
    Official promo video:
    Aftermovie July 5th:
    50Hurtz Warriors:

    23:00 - 00:00 TB6K
    00:00 - 01:00 Shiverz
    01:00 - 02:00 Megalodon
    02:00 - 03:30 12gauge dubstep x D-JAHSTA
    03:30 - 05:00 Spag Heddy

    23:00-00:30 - Mynor
    00:30-02:00 - Maduk
    02:00-03:30 - Hamilton
    03:30-05:00 - Pamb & Harsh

    Exclusive Mixes:
    Livesets OZ recorded by Access FM:
  • Saturday, August 3, 2013
    A38 Hajó
    Major League vs Bladerunnaz present LENZMAN (Metalheadz - NL)
    2013. augusztus 3. szombat / saturday
    A38 Hajó

    Line up
    LENZMAN & Dan Stezo (Metalheadz - NL)
    Pamb & Harsh (Major League - NL)
    Statik (Bladerunnaz)
    Mentalien (Impulsecreator)

    Jegyár / Tickets:
    elővételben / in advance: 1500 HUF / 5 EUR
    helyszínen / at the door: 2000 HUF / 7 EUR

    elővételes helyek / pre-sale:
    BP SHOP (VII. Wesselényi utca)
    BP SHOP WESTEND (VI. Nyugati tér)

    A38 (Online is)
  • Friday, July 26, 2013
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    Summer of ’13 has begun and Major League Drum 'n Bass is ready. And once again with a massive line up: Aphrodite, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, June Miller and Maduk alongside the Major League residents.

    Major League has made it a tradition to throw a big party in Amsterdam in the middle of summer. Drum 'n bass fans from all over Europe visit the Melkweg for a party with strictly drums and lots of bass. And definitely for this edition with drum ‘n bass pioneers Aphrodite and Drumsound & Bassline Smith alongside June Miller and Maduk, representing the new generation of Dutch talents with a huge worldwide online fan base.

    Major League residents dj's Pamb & Harsh and mc's Dart & Swift have also become an essential part of the Dutch drum 'n bass scene. For over 15 years they have been active drum ‘n bass promoters. Not only as artists and event promoters, but also via music distribution and labels.

    Line-up Major League 26 juli 2013:
    Aphrodite (Urban Takeover, UK)
    Drumsound & Bassline Smith (Technique Recordings, UK)
    June Miller (Ram Records, UK)
    Maduk (Viper Recordings, NL)
    Pamb & Harsh (Major League, NL)
    MC’s Dart & Swift (Major League, NL)

    Presale: €19,- (including membership) / €17 for members
    Door: € 20,- (including membership) / €18 for members

    E-tickets: or
  • Friday, June 7, 2013
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    Major League has joined forces with Virus Recordings to celebrate their 15 year anniversary. They have put together an impressive line with Ed Rush & Optical, Audio and Optiv & BTK to name a few. After the RAM showcase in February, it looks like this will be another Major League edition to remember.

    Over the last 15 years Virus has been responsible for some of the baddest, darkest music and has pushed the boundaries of drum 'n bass like no other label. Virus Recordings was founded in 1998 by Ed Rush & Optical, marking the start of a new direction in drum 'n bass. Their techstep and neurofunk releases immediately made a huge impact on the music scene. Soon after influential artists like Fierce, Bad Company, Matrix and MC Ryme Tyme joined the Virus crew, alongside Ed Rush & Optical. The rest is history.

    Major League and Virus go back. Ed Rush and Optical are well known guests at Major League events and in May 2003 Major League invited the entire Virus crew to promote the global release of their Dr. Shade album. To celebrate 15 years of topnotch drum 'n bass, Major League has invited the entire Virus family once again. For the first time they will share the stage at Major League in the Melkweg in Amsterdam to party like never before. Don't miss out.

    Line-up Major League June 7th 2013
    Ed Rush (Virus Recordings, UK)
    Optical (Virus Recordings, UK)
    Audio (Virus Recordings, UK)
    Optiv & BTK (Virus Recordings, UK)
    Pamb & Harsh (Major League, NL)
    MC Ryme Tyme (Virus Recordings, UK)
    MC Dart (Major League, NL)

    Presale: €19,- (including membership) / €17 for members
    Door: € 20,- (including membership) / €18 for members
  • Friday, February 22, 2013
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    Major League luidt 2013 in met een showcase van het befaamde RAM label van Andy C.

    Line-up Major League 22 februari 2013:
    Andy C (Ram Records, UK)
    Delta Heavy (Ram Records, UKF, UK)
    Culture Shock (Ram Records, UK)
    June Miller (Ram Records, NL)
    Pamb & Harsh (Major League, NL)
    Hosted by MC's Dart & Dapper

    Ram Records is al meer dan 20 jaar een van de meest toonaangevende drum 'n bass labels ter wereld en heeft tientallen artiesten gelanceerd waaronder Noisia en Chase & Status. De Ram avonden die ooit gestart zijn in de Londense club The End zijn legendarisch. Sindsdien tourt Ram de wereld rond met een showcase van artiesten uit eigen stal. Op 22 februari bundelen Major League en Ram hun krachten in de Melkweg.

    Voor deze Major League heeft Andy C zijn favoriete artiesten uitgenodigd: Delta Heavy, Culture Shock en June Miller met support van Pamb&Harsh. Delta Heavy is afgelopen twee jaar uitgegroeid tot een act die op de beste dance festivals ter wereld optreedt. Hun eigen producties combineren dubstep, drumstep en drum ´n bass tot een dikke mix die geen dansvloer heel houdt. Ze zijn vaste gast op de UKF feesten en albums en staan nu voor het eerst samen in de Melkweg op Major League.

    Wie ooit het nummer Troglodyte van Culture Shock heeft gehoord, heeft een idee wat die kan verwachten van zijn set op Major League presents RAM. Culture Shock is in 2006 door Andy C bij Ram Records gehaald. Sindsdien heeft hij verschillende nummers uitgebracht die nog steeds wekelijks gedraaid worden op shows en feesten. Op Major League maakt Culture Shock zijn debuut en de verwachtingen zijn hooggespannen. Voor de Major League fans is June Miller geen onbekende. Dit Engels - Nederlandse tweetal is ook een van de favorieten van Andy C. In 2012 brachten ze hun eerste eigen productie uit op Ram Records. Als de geruchten waar zijn wordt 2013 een groot jaar voor June Miller. Op Major League laten ze horen waarom! Support is er van Major League residents Pamb&Harsh en MC’s Dart en Dapper.

    Presale: €19,- (inclusief lidmaatschap!) / €17 voor leden
    Door: € 20,- (inclusief lidmaatschap!) / €18 voor leden

    Let op: Per januari 2013 is de prijs voor het lidmaatschap van de Melkweg inbegrepen bij de verkoopprijs van tickets. Er zijn aan de deur van de Melkweg dus geen bijkomende kosten meer!
  • Friday, November 9, 2012
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    On November 9th the much acclaimed act Camo & Krooked will be standing behind the decks at Melkweg, Amsterdam.

    Line-up Major League 9 november 2012:
    Camo & Krooked - DJ Set (Hospital Records, AU)
    Hamilton (Ram Records, UK)
    June Miller (Ram Records)
    Pamb & Harsh (Major League)
    Dreazz & Mynor (Fokuz Recordings)
    Hosted door MC’s Swift en Dapper

    Limited early bird tickets available for €15 via
    Presale: €17,- ex fee. Door: €18,-.
    E-tickets: or
  • Saturday, September 8, 2012
    On the 8th of September Major League goes Doornroosje!

    Loadstar (Ram Records, UK)
    Basher (Ram Records, UK)
    June Miller (Critical, NL)
    Pamb & Harsh (Major League, NL)
    Mynor (Major League, NL)
    Hosted by MC Swift

    Second area hosted by Trap, Strye, Devnik, Tyson & MC Multiplex.

    Open: 23:00-6:00
    Presale €14, door €16

    More info on
  • Friday, August 3, 2012
    Melkweg Amsterdam
    In 2012 Major League celebrates its 10th anniversary. On August 3rd DJ’s Aphrodite, Tantrum Desire and Nymfo amongst many others are invited ... get ready for some serious action!

    Line-up Major League August 3rd 2012:
    Aphrodite (Urban Takeover, UK)
    Tantrum Desire (Technique Recordings, UK)
    Thrasher (PRSPCT, NL)
    Pamb & Harsh (Major League, NL)
    Nymfo (Commercial Suicide, NL)
    Mynor (Major League,NL)
    Hosted by MC's Dart & Swift

    Major League has made it a summer tradition to invite the big crowd favorite DJ Aphrodite in the Milkyway. Who has seen him in action before, understands why. He is one of the founders of Jungle and Drum 'n' Bass and always rocks the dance floor. And there's more.

    One of the most popular drum 'n bass DJ's of the moment is Tantrum Desire. His own tunes on Technique Recordings are without exception anthems that find their way to the dance charts. He has shown before what he is capable of at Major League. Now he is back on popular demand.

    The top of the Dutch scene is performing as well. DJ and producer Nymfo has built a successful international career and is currently touring the globe. He has just released his first full album Characters on Commercial Suicide in co-op with some of the biggest artist around. DJ Thrasher, founder of PRSPCT, is always welcome at Major League to play the hardest drum 'n bass beats. Be prepared! Major League residents Pamb & Harsh and Mynor finish off the line-up. Hosts of the evening are MC's Dart and Swift.

    Presale €16,- ex fee. Door €17,-

    E-tickets: or
    Tickets: Alle Free Record Shops en Van Leest winkels, Amsterdam Uitburo, Concerto Amsterdam (020-6235228), Pico Records Amsterdam (020-691 23 85) |